Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Beggining & Where I am

I have officially made it through one season with Thirty-One Gifts (4 months to be exact). I can honestly say I love it. I love the products, and the people, especially the connections I have made! I have achieved my goal of receiving all four start swells levels. This means that I sold $600 or more each month for the first four months! I am extremely proud of myself on this accomplishment and hope to continue. I'm starting this blog to potentially reach more people to share the love and joy that has come to my life through Thirty-One, whether you love the products or want to join my business I will welcome the opportunity to share my experience with you! Another thing that I love about Thirty-One is that I celebrates and encourages women to me this empowers women to be all that they can be. It gives many women the 'girl time' and extra money they need to support themselves and their family, it's not just the mans job!

I started my journey with Thirty-One because I had just turned 18, graduated high school, and was going to be attending a university in just a few months with non existence funds.... My parents are currently helping my pay for my college expenses through loans and selling items around the house but I needed to find a way to take charge and help them. This is why I started Thirty-One since even the smallest amount of extra cash will help in the long run. It has empowered me to be able to pay for the smaller fees of a university such as food and textbooks... and we all know how expensive they can be!

I hope to continue my journey with new success and turn my business from a hobby into a real job to help me fully pay for college without having to work long hours at a job I hate.... I will be posting more about my journey with Thirty-One and some of the products they have to offer.

Stay tuned!